NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Fourth Annual General Meeting of Asian Society for Quality in Health Care will be held at Natikka Hall, Grand Hyatt Hotel Bolgatty, Kochi, India on 17th April 2020, 500pm. Welcome all members to renew your membership for year 2020. Appreciate all members to notify the Secretariat for any change of address or contact information. Thank you.
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ASQua Board & AGM 2020 | 17th April 2020


1. Advocacy of Quality and Safety in Health Care
2. Collaboration and Communication
3. Mutual Respect and Respect for Diversity
4. Credibility and Trustworthiness
5. Fairness
6. Transparency
7. Social Accountability
8. Professional and Scientific Approach
9. Ever-Continuing Challenge
10. Ever-Continuing Improvement

To be a credible regional organisation of repute to bring together best practices in patient safety and quality culture that can be benchmarked internationally

To encourage, support, advocate, educate and share best practices in patient safety and quality practices utilising Asian values of mutual respect and sharing to achieve excellence