Please be informed that the Secretariat is closed on 20th and 21st July in conjunction with the Eid Adha. Congratulations to all newly elected and re-elected ASQua Executive Board Members 2021-2023!. We would like to invite all members to renew their membership subscription for the year 2021. Kindly visit the membership page for more information. Appreciate all members notifying the Secretariat of any change of address or contact information. Thank you and always keep safe.
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ASQua Membership

Membership Benefits

·       Electronic access to ISQua’s Journal, the International Journal for Quality in Health Care through a link from the organisation’s own website.

·       Entitled to register at member rates, for any ISQua and/or ASQua member activities, including the annual conference.

·       Receive notice of Annual General Meetings of the Society

·       Attend Annual General Meetings of the Society and exercise one vote in respect of any motion put to a vote at such meetings

·       Be nominated and elected as President in accordance with the Constitution to be a Member of the Executive Board, provided Membership subscription is not in arrears

·       Utilise such facilities as are made available for Members of the Society to utilise generally at its Secretariat office

·       Attend or participate in such functions events or activities for Members of the Society as the Executive Board may organise for Members generally; and

·       Receive the Asian publications for Quality in Health Care.


Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS)

Healthcare Accreditation Institute Thailand (Public Organisation)

Indonesian Komisi Akreditasi Rumah Sakit (KARS)

Japan Council for Quality in Healthcare (JQ)

Joint Commission of Taiwan (JCT)

Korea Institute for Healthcare Accreditation (KOIHA)

Malaysian Society For Quality In Health (MSQH)

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Bangladesh (MOHFW)

Mongolian Association for Healthcare Quality (MAHQ)

National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers India (NABH)

Philippines Council on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organization (PCAHO)




Institutional Member (MALAYSIA)
Association of Private Hospitals of Malaysia                                                        ECRI Berhad (ECRI)
Institut Jantung Negara
Kluang Utama Specialist Hospital
KPJ Damai Specialist Hospital
KPJ Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital                                                        KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital
KPJ Rawang Specialist Hospital         
KPJ Ipoh Specialist Hospital
KPJ Johor Specialist Hospital
KPJ Kajang Specialist Hospital
KPJ Maharani Specialist Hospital    KPJ Penang Specialist Hospital
KPJ Perdana Specialist Hospital
KPJ Selangor Specialist Hospital
KPJ Seremban Specialist Hospital
KPJ Pahang Specialist Hospital        KPJ Pasir Gudang Specialist Hospital KPJ Tawakkal Specialist Hospital Kuantan Specialist Hospital
Kuching Specialist Hospital
Puteri Specialist Hospital                  Prince Court Medical Centre
Subang Jaya Medical Centre

Institutional Member (PHILIPPINES)
Healthcore Research, Communications and Management, Inc.
Philippine Society for Quality in Health Care (PSQua)

Institutional Member (INDIA)
B. M Birla Heart Research Centre
Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organisations (CAHO)                          Fortis Healthcare Ltd
Manipal Hospital, Bangalore
Max Healthcare Institute
Indian Council of Medical Laboratary Experts (ICME)

Institutional Member (TAIWAN)
Taipei Medical University Hospital (TMUH)                                                  Taiwan College of Healthcare Executives                                                       Taiwan Healthcare Quality Association (THQA)                              Taiwan Hospital Association (THA) 

Institutional Member (INDONESIA)
Indonesian Healthcare Quality Network (IHQN)

Institutional Member (AUSTRALIA)
Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited (AGPAL)



Life Members (Malaysia)
Chung Wai Keat, Dr                                  Chung Wai Mun, Dr                          Jasimah Hassan, Mrs                        M.A. Kadar Marikar, Assoc. Prof, Dr    Mohamad Sofian Ismail, Mr                Ravindran Jegasothy, Prof Dato' Dr  Salina Sany, Dr                                          Sia Koon Ket, Dr


Life Members (India)
Aishwarya N., Dr                                Anuradha Pichumani, Dr                      Atul Bhargava, Dr
Balaji Prasad Goli, Dr                                  B.K. Rana, Dr
Chital Naresh, Dr.                            Hrishikesh Anant Gaitonde, Dr                Jayant Thareja, Dr                                    Lallu Joseph, Dr
Mahendra N. Thareja, Dr                       Narendra Kumar Sharma, Prof. Pankaj Kumar Roy, Dr                        Prashant C. Bhat, Dr                                 Prerna Thareja, Dr                                      Renu Bala, Dr                                                  Rohit Mehta, Dr                                        Saifuddin Md.Khaled, Dr                 Saurabh Singh, Major Dr                      Vijay Agarwal, Dr                                         V Umesh Naidu, Mr.                      Virender Sorout, Dr                               


Life Member (Taiwan)
Wui-Chiang Lee, Prof. Dr


Life Member (Thailand)
Anuwat Supachutikul, Dr


Life Members (Bangladesh)
Aminul Hassan, Dr
Md. Ridwanur Rahman, Dr
Mahmuda Shayema Khorshed, Dr         Pu Chaw Nu, Dr                                        Tonamy Chakma, Dr


ASQua comprised of national member countries who are recognised by their local government and peers as the authorised standards writing organisation and accreditation organisation for healthcare facilities and services.  Member organisations promotes quality improvement on a continual basis in healthcare in the Asian region in both the public and private sectors, healthcare institutions, providers and consumers and other purchases of healthcare services. 

ASQua promotes the accreditation by the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua) for international standards.It is committed to the achievement of its aims through collaborative action within the network and in association with other health and quality related individuals and professional organisations in Asia.   

The Society is experiencing a positive change as membership is growing and members are being exposed to global expertise through participation in various conferences and activities.  ASQua now has a total of nearly 200 members from 14 countries.  ASQua national members are organisations that are recognised by their respective local government, peers, industry leaders and the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua), to conduct accreditation programmes on quality and safety in healthcare facilities and services. 

Individual Members (Philippines)
Agnes Rosnnis A. De Leon
Agnette P. Peralta
Arnel Mercado Asino, M.D, DPBA
Cristina Lagao-Caalim, Dr. RN, MAN, MHA
Cynthia O. Herrera M.HA, FPCHA
Edgar Quirino Edralin
Elnora Duque, PhD
Emma Morgo, Ms
Francisco E. Montillano
George R. Repique, JR. MD
Hermogenes D. Jarin, MD
Jesusa Sabornido Llorono
Julita Y. Dayandayan, Ms
Liza Topacio, Ms
Ma. Cristina Vinas, Ms
Maramba, Tomas Jr. P.
Maria Victoria A. Roundaris, MD, MPH
Marilou Palafox, PhD
Marilyn D. Yap, Dr.
Marina Yulo-bringas, MD. FPCHA
Nelia Frances P. Llanto, MD
Nenita C. Lee Tan, Dr.
Perla Mendoza Pagaduan
Peter B. Duran
Pureza Fune, Ms
Ricardo C. Costes, Dr.

Susana A. Salvacion, Dr.
Tita Yap Cruz, Dr.
Yolanda Zamora, M


Individual Members (Taiwan)
Chia-Pei Cheng, Ms                                    Chieh Ling Huang, Ms                              Chii-Jeng Lin, Professor Dr          Ching-Feng Chiang, Ms                   Ching-Shyang Chen, Professor Dr    Gwo-Ping Jong, Mr                                    Han-Chi Chung, Mr
Hsun-Hsiang Liao, Ms                              Hui-Shu Hsu, Ms                                       
Shaw-Yeu Jeng, Mr                                Su-Hua Lee, Ms                                    Pao-Ling Jen, Ms                                      Wei-Chun Huang, Dr                            Yao-Ta Wu, Mr                                            Ying Chia Huang, Dr                         


Individual Members (Bangladesh)
Mohammad Nazmul Haque, Dr
Emdadul Haque, Dr
Salam Md Abdus, Dr
Mohammad Harun Or Rashid, Dr


Individual Members (Pakistan)
Nadeem Ahmad, Dr.
Shahid Yunis, Dr

Individual Members (India)
Adnaan Ahmad
Anand R, Dr
Anju Verma, Dr.
Anuradha Agarwal, Dr
Ashutosh Sood, Dr.
Bharti Kashyap, Dr.
Bhawna-Gulati, Dr.
Birendra Prasad Kashyap, Dr.
Deepak Kumar, Mr.
Deepti Mohan, Ms.
Devendra Laddha, Dr
Gaurav Thukral, Dr.
Gayatri, Dr.
Geetanjali Kapoor, Dr
Hanmant K Jadhav
Jyotsna Codatty, Dr
K.Karthikeya Varma, Dr
Kabita Dutta, Dr
Kalevela Prasad
Kamaldeep Singh, Dr.
Madhu Handa, Dr.
Mala Chattopadhyay, Dr
Manisha Dewendra Khandit, Dr
Manoj A. Kumar, Dr.
Meera S.Ghadge, Dr
Munindra Srivastava, Maj. Gen(Retd)
Murali Rao, Dr.
Narottam Puri, Dr.
Neeraj Lal
Neerja Kakkar Gupta, Dr
Pankaj Sharma, Dr
Parvez Ahmad, Dr.
Pawan Kapoor, Dr
Poonam Rajput, Dr
Pradeep Bhardwaj, Dr
Praneet Kumar, Dr.
Prashant Kelkar, Dr
Prem Nath Kakar, Dr.
Priti Desai, Dr.
Rahul Sharma, Dr (Lt. Col.)
Rahul Shukla, Dr
Rajeev Ranjan Kumar, Dr.
Rajesh Saini, Dr                                Ramamurthi, Lt. Col. (Dr.) J. V.
Rekha Nirwan, Dr
Rohit Jain, Dr
Sadhana Mangwana, Dr                      Sangeeta Pathak, Dr.
Sanjeev Singh, Dr.
Santosh Kumar, Dr
Santwana Vernekar, Dr
Satish, Mr
Shankar Narang, Dr.
Sharma-Parveen (PT), Dr
Sunil Rajadhyaksha, Dr.
T R Raina, Dr.
V.V.V. Prasad
Vibha Bhargava, Dr
Vimal Rai Sharma, Col. (Dr)
Zainab Zaidi, Dr.


Individual Members (Malaysia)
Amran Bin Abdul Rahman, Mr.
Anwar Anis, Mr
Azman Hj Abu Bakar, Dato' Dr
Balakrishnan Subramaniam, Dr.
Balbir Singh, Dr. G. S.
Chan Khee Siang
Charles Vijayan, Dato' Dr.
Chong Su Lin, Dr.                                    Hue Teck Lee, Dr.
Jacob Thomas, Dato' Dr.
John Chew Chee Ming
Laili Akmar Bt. Che Omar, Dr.
Lee Chee Horng, Dr.
M. K. Koh, Dr.
Mahadevan Thambirajah, Dr.
Maisarah bt Omar
Manvir Jesudasan, Mr.
Mary Abraham, Dr
Milton Lum Siew Wah, Dr
Norhaizam Mohammad, Puan
Philip N. Jeremiah,                                  Rachel Yew Hooi Choo, Ms.
Samani A. Ghani, Dr.
Shahrir Sanusi, Dr.
Shahrudin Mohd Dun, Dato' Dr.      Shuba Srinivasan, Dr.
Singaram, Dr. S.P.
Siti Sa'diah Sheikh Bakir, Tan Sri (Dr)
Sivamohan, Dato' Dr. N.
Somasundharem Kumar,
Suraiya Hani Tun Hussein, Puan Sri Datuk Dr
Suresh Kumar, Mr.
Tan Che Kim
Thiru Navookarasu A/L Muthusamy, Dr.


Individual Member (Sri Lanka)
Sathasivam Sridharan, Dr.

Individual Members (Bhutan)
Dechen Choiphel
Thinley Namgay K