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58 Dr Dinesh Ragav E

Ambultory Bp Monitoring: Self-Reported Sleeptime Versus Prefixed Nighttime Bp- Accuracy And Safety Of Hypertension Diagnosis(Meenakshi Medical College Hospital and Research Institute, Kanchipuram)

57 Azlina Binti Ahmad, Nurul Fadhilah Binti Mustafa

Knowledge Of Medication Use Review (Mur) Among Community Pharmacists In Selected Area in Northern Malaysia (KPJ Healthcare University College, Kota Seriemas, Nilai)

56 Wan Khadijah Wan Yusoff Innovative Practices And Technological Advances Improve Medication Safety Among Nurses (KPJ Selangor Specialist Hospital)
55 Associate Professor Dr Krupavaram. B

Impact Of Knowledge, Attitude And Perceptions (Kap) On Medication Compliance And Quality Of Life Among Asthma Patients(KPJ Healthcare University College, Kota Seriemas, Nilai)

54 Ms. Sherin Chandy, Ms. Minimole Varghes

“Vigilance everyday keeps medication errors at bay" - Error prevention through Clinical Best Catches (Fortis Hospital Mulund)

53 Ms. Kasturi & Ms. Lucy Grace

Implementing a Safe and Reliable Process for Medication Administration (Kauvery Hospital, Tennur, Trichirappalli, Tamilnadu)

52 Anjaneya Swami

Antibiotics- Our Health Our Choice (Manipal Hospital, Tadepalli, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh)

51 H. Jaasminerjiit Kaur

Public Practices And Beliefs Concerning Antibiotic Storage, Sharing And Disposal Among Adults (KPJ Healthcare University College, Kota Seriemas, Nilai)

50 Yu-Wen Liu, Kai-Hsun Lo, Chrong-Reen Wang, Chien-Yu Lin, Wen-Chuan Kung, Yu-Xuan Zhan

Applying the Medication Informatics System to Improve the  Accuracy of Medication Dose(Hsinchu MacKay Memorial Hospital)

49 Latifah Ismail

Steps to Prevent Medication Error in Clinical Area (KPJ Rawang Specialist Hospital)

48 Liu chia-miao、Li rong-gong、Liu cun-bin、Lu guan-yi、Wang su-cing、 Lu jun-liang、Lin shao-yuan、Huang yu-ting

Information Technology Department and Pharmacy Department Guard the Front Line - Immediate Rescue of Abnormal Re-Dispensing Medications of Inpatients(St. Martin De Porres Hospital)

47 Syahirah binti Mohd Misli,Aini Ahmad, Annamma Kunjukunju, Puziah Yusof, Azimah Momd Masri, Teh Halimaton

Self medication prevalence, practices and knowledge among nursing students (KPJ Healthcare University College, Kota Seriemas, Nilai)

46 Shashidharan Menon

Public Practices And Beliefs Concerning Discarding Of Unused And Expired Medications (KPJ Healthcare University College, Kota Seriemas, Nilai)

45 Mr. K. Sekar, Mrs. P.S. Latha, Ms. D. Gnanadeepam

5 Tier checking system   (Vijaya medical and educational trust - VMET)

44 Lia, Pai-ling、Lin, Yuan-Ya、Lu, Chun-Liang、Lai, Ya-chun、 Liu, Jia-Miao、Tsai, Ming-Fang

Using Root Cause Analysis to Improve Repeated Dosing of High-Alert Medications (St. Martin De Porres Hospital)


Maheswari.S, Kanchana P.R, Muthulakshmi S

Strengthening Drug Movement Monitoring System By Integrating It With Medication Reconciliation(Vijaya medical and educational trust - VMET)


Mrs. Shyamala, Mrs. Dhanam, Dr. K. Mukesh, Dr. S. Padmavinodhini

Chronopharmacology:A Clinical Therapeutic Approach To Reduce Medication Causing Harm And Improve Adherence(Vijaya medical and educational trust - VMET)


Mrs. Vini Janet. S, Mrs. Powlin Maria Thamarai Selvi.S, Dr. Archana. G

Drug Preparation areas with visual signages and Color coded Labels: A Guide to minimize Administration Error’s causing Harm(Vijaya medical and educational trust - VMET)

40 Chia-Wei Hsu, Chieh-Ming Yang, Pin-Hao Chen, Wen-Liang Lin, Ching-Lan Cheng

Utilizing Quality Control Techniques To Improve Outpatient Pharmacy Workflow (National Cheng Kung University Hospital, Department of Pharmacy, Tainan, Taiwan)

39 Yu-Chin Wu, Wen-Liang Lin, Ching-Lan Cheng

The Implementation of Automated Dispensing Cabinet (ADC) System to Reduce Dispensing Error (Department of Pharmacy, National Cheng Kung University Hospital, Tainan)

38 Wan-Chi Huang, Hsien-JY Ma, Po-Fan Chen, Cheng-Yang Chou

Prevention of peripheral intravenous injection extravasation injury improvement plan(Department of Quality Center, National Cheng Kung University Hospital, Taiwan)

37 Dr. W. Abithra Selin, Dr. V. Meera, Associate Professor Dr. A. Veena Juliette

Ensure the first step in medication safety, with a reliable laboratory report and quality control(Government Kilpauk Medical College Hospital, Chennai, Tamil Nadu)

36 Ms. Chandni, Ms. Bibiana Niamchungmei Gangmei, Mrs Minimole John, Ms. Susan

Let’s SUM UP! (Safe Utilization of Medication – Upgrade Practices)[Fortis Healthcare Limited]

35 Khalid Siraj Thakur, Anu Augustian

A Review on Role of Medicines in Patient Safety Alerts for Hospital (Pharmacy Department, Medcare Hospital, Al Safa, Dubai)


Jyotsna J

Innovative Practices In Preventing Medication Harm
33 Amrita Rajagopal Advancement In Insulin Delivery System That Has Improved The Safety Of Its Delivery & Efficacy (Government Medical College, Omandurar Government. Estate, Chennai)
32 Dr Samyuktha

Medication Safety

(Dr Samyuktha and Research Institute)


Mrs. Antony Mary, Mrs. Priya, Dr. G. Anusruthi

Active Monitoring And Capturing Of Adverse Drug Event And Drug Information Services(Vijaya Medical & Educational Trust)

30 V. Srikanth Innovative Practices In Preventing Medication Harm (Meenakshi Medical College Hospital And Research Institute)
29 Deepa Laxmi. P, S.Venkateshwari, N. Nirmala The Best Practice Adopted to Mitigate Medication Errors (Vijaya Medical and Educational Trust, Chennai)
28 Dr. Lucky Sarjono Buranda

Balanced Scorecard for Medication Safety: Do We Need or We Do Need?(HealthmanWrites Healthcare Management & Graphology Consultancy)

27 Hamrish Kumar Rajakumar

Bar-Coded Medication Administration – BCMA

(Govt. Medical College, Omandurar)

26 Shu-Hua Fan, Meei-Horng Yang, Ting-Yu Cheng, Huei-Lun Hsu, Keui-Lin Tung

Analysis of medication events reported in six years on the Patient-Safety Reporting System in a regional teaching hospital in Taiwan(Wei Gong Memorial Hospital, Miaoli County & Chang Jung Christian University, Tainan City)

25 Dr Arati Verma, Ms Devarati, Dr Uday Kapur, Dr Pinak Moudgil, Dr Ankush Mehta, Ms Ramanjit, Dr Swati Marwaha

“Preventing the Preventable”Technology, Cognizance and Vigilance, the three threads for weaving the culture of Medication Safety(Max Super Specialty Hospital, Mohali, Punjab)

24 Assoc. Prof Dr Tan Ching Siang, Noor Nabila Husna Binti Noor Heshamuddin

Beliefs About Medicines Among Non-Communicable Diseases Patients In Primary Care Setting(School of Pharmacy, KPJ Healthcare University College, Nilai, Seremban and Klinik Kesihatan Pontian Johor)

Chun-Ju Kuo, Wei-Ning Yu, Prof Yih-Dih Cheng, Yo-Wen Hsieh
Using Medication-related Technology to Reduce Medication Errors in Taiwan Academic Medical Center (Department of Pharmacy, China Medical University Hospital)


Assoc. Prof. Dr Faizah Safina Bakrin

Digitization of Drug Safety Tool: A Stepwise Flowchart in Planning for Digital Transformation(School of Pharmacy, KPJ Healthcare University College, Nilai, Seremban)


Dr. S. Pavithira

Prevention Of Medication Errors Using Information Technology Systems(Sri Lalithambigai Medical College and Hospital, Chennai)


Adriana Manolache Calitakropolis, Dr. Ovidiu Adam, Prof. Dr Mihai Gafencu, Gabriela Cohert

Burnout Digital System (Bds) Innovative Module Developed In Mediqapp For Remarkable Performances In HR( Calitakropolis SRL &  Emergency Clinical Hospital for Children)


Sharranya Ravichandran

Medication Safety: Technology And Innovative Practices In Preventing Medication Harm(Government Medical College, Omandurar Estate, Chennai, India)


Chua Hui Ming, Nurul Afiqah Heffny

Good Catch Initiative

(KPJ Ampang Specialist Hospital)


Ms. Saroja Jaykumar, Ms. Sathya, Ms. Jessy, Dr. Sarah Firdose R

Sanctity of second verifier in safe administration of medications in critical care areas(Manipal Hospital Varthur Road)


Dr. Bilgy Babu, Dr. Amitha P Marla

Medication Appropriateness Index Tool: An Innovative Approach For Medication Safety In Older Adults(AJ Institute of Hospital Management)


Ms. Rajkumari Lakshmi & Ms. Purba Das

Paradigm Of Medication Safety- Nursing Prospective: An Evidence Based Practice(Fortis Hospital, Anandapur, Kolkata)


Sheba Salome. T

Technology to Prevent Medication Harm(KarpagamCollege of Pharmacy, Coimbatore)


Ms. Nurfarehan Pir Mohamed, Mr. Tee Yoong Chie & Sr Umi Kalsum

Medication Error Prevention (Bukit Tinggi Medical Centre, Malaysia)


Tanu Saxena

Innovative Practices in Preventing Medication Harm (HCMCT Manipal Hospitals, Dwarka, Delhi)


Capt. Madhukari Ray

Never Give Safety a Day Off (Apollo Multispecialty Hospitals Kolkata)


Chen Pei Xi, Lim Yee Chin, Terence Chan Xin Wai

Managing Medical Mishaps: A Look into the Technology to Prevent Medication Harm (Klinik Pergigian Air Itam, Penang)


Maria S Antony, Shivam Agrawal, Haritha K Nair, Vishmaya K R, Priya N. Chucharitha M.

Clienteling 2.0: Whatsapp Chatbot Embedded Customer Service In Pharmacy To Control Self Medication Harm(Amrita Institute Of Medical Science And Research Centre, Kochi)


Vikram Pradhan

Drug Administration-Timely Administration(Manipal Hospital)


Shu-Fen Chen, Li-Chang Chiu,Yu-Wei Lin Yang,Ya-Wen Hsu,Pei-Chi Liu

Improve the Caregiver to Perform Skin Spun Test Quality of Drug Allergies(ChangGung Medica Foundation Linkou Courtyard)


Dr. Alex Kim Ren Jye

Application of Healthcare Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (HFMEA) To Improve Medication Safety - Human Normal Immunoglobulin Injection (IVIg)(Sarawak General Hospital Kuching, Sarawak)


Ms. Vidya Mani

Innovative Practices in Preventing Medication Harm (Fortis Healthcare Limited)



Norfaizah B.; Nursyafiqah M.; Dr Syafawati S., Nur Radhiyah S.; NurFatihah A.Z.; Sr Jessica J.; Mohamad Amin


Pharmacy Predesigned Medication Labels of High Alert Medication (HAM) injections to Prevent Medication Errors in Hospitalized Patients

(Pharmacy Services KPJ Maharani Specialist Hospital, Accident & Emergency Services KPJ Maharani Specialist Hospital)


Eric Woo Kit Seong

Vaccine Coverage Gaps and Errors : ECRI Special Report – Top 10 Patient Safety Concerns 2022 (ECRI Berhad)


Miss Shital Ghegadmal

5 Moments for Medication Safety(SMBT Hospital, Nashik, Maharashtra, India)


Radhika Guruba Shankar

Medication Safety (SMBT Hospital, Nashik, Maharashtra, India)